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Transforming The Coffee Break at Tees Law: The Installation of Bean 2 Cup Coffee Machines

Transforming The Coffee Break at Tees Law: The Installation of Bean 2 Cup Coffee Machines

At Tees Law, the coffee break out experience, otherwise known as “The Hub” has undergone a significant transformation. The law firm, known for its dynamic and client-focused approach, recently decided to upgrade its offices to include new coffee machines across its six offices in Hertfordshire, Essex, and Cambridgeshire. This move was not just about enhancing the quality of coffee but also about embracing sustainability and efficiency in their daily operations.

The Journey from Capsule to Bean-to-Cup Machines

Previously, Tees Law relied on capsule coffee machines. While convenient, these machines often fell short in delivering high-quality coffee, and the cost per capsule was relatively high. Recognising the need for a change, the management team at Tees Law, guided by our expertise, embarked on a journey to explore better options.

A Visit to Our Showroom: Choosing the Right Machines

The decision-making process began with a visit to our showroom. Here, the Tees Law management team had the opportunity to explore various coffee machine options. After careful consideration, they chose to install three Rheavendors TT1 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines and six Rheavendors TT3 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines.

Why Rheavendors TT1 and TT3?

Rheavendors TT1: Known for its energy efficiency, the TT1 stands out by being 60-70% more energy-efficient than most other bean-to-cup machines on the market. This feature aligned perfectly with Tees Law’s commitment to sustainability.

Rheavendors TT3: The TT3 was chosen for its compact design, being the lowest in height among bean-to-cup machines, allowing it to fit seamlessly under kitchen cupboards.

Pre-Installation: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Before the installation, our team conducted thorough site surveys at each Tees Law office. This step was crucial to ensure that all necessary services were in place and to suggest any required changes for a smooth installation process.

The Coffee Choice: Organic Triple Certified Coffee

An essential part of this transformation was the selection of coffee. All machines were filled with our organic Triple Certified coffee, a choice reflecting Tees Law’s commitment to quality and sustainability. More information about this coffee can be found here: Hessian’s Triple Certified Organic Coffee.

Post-Installation: Impact on Tees Law

Following the installation, we attended a breakfast meeting at Tees Law’s head office in Bishops Stortford. This event was not just a celebration of the new coffee machines but also an opportunity to gather feedback. We interviewed staff on video, asking them about their experiences with the new machines and how this change had impacted the breakout areas.

Testimonials: A Glimpse into the New Coffee Experience

These testimonials, offers a firsthand look at the teams reactions and the positive atmosphere these machines have brought to the Tees Law. It’s a testament to how small changes, like upgrading coffee machines, can significantly enhance the workplace environment.


The installation of Rheavendors TT1 and TT3 coffee machines at Tees Law is more than just an upgrade in their coffee-making facilities. It’s a step towards a more sustainable, efficient, and enjoyable workplace. By choosing machines that align with their values and needs, Tees Law has set a new standard for office coffee breaks, one that we are proud to have been a part of.

For more information about our coffee machines and services, visit our website or contact us directly. We’re here to transform your coffee experience!

Review: Discover the Art of Brewing with the Rancilio Silvia V6

Review: Discover the Art of Brewing with the Rancilio Silvia V6

Introduction to the Rancilio Silvia V6

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect home coffee machine, you may have come across the name Rancilio Silvia V6. This semi-automatic coffee machine has been lauded as one of the best on the market, and for good reason. Designed to deliver barista-quality coffee right at home, it’s an investment that promises to transform your everyday coffee experience. Compact and easy to use, it makes your regular cup of Americano, cappuccino, and latte using the same machine, all while sitting pretty on your kitchen counter.

An Honest Review

Simplicity and Quality in Design

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Rancilio Silvia V6 is its simple, unpretentious design. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity – this machine is a testament to the phrase “less is more.” With a linear box design, it boasts a stainless steel and chrome-plated brass exterior that exudes a polished and sophisticated look. Its ideal dimensions make it perfectly suited for your kitchen countertop, making it an irresistible invitation for regular use. The black matte surface buttons give it a modern touch, making the machine blend seamlessly into any kitchen décor.

Despite its simple exterior, the Rancilio Silvia V6 is packed with quality features. One thing to note is that this machine is sold without an included coffee grinder. To maximize the quality of your brew, it’s recommended to pair it with a quality burr grinder. This ensures that the quality and performance of your coffee shots are maximized, promising a coffee experience that’s truly top-tier.

Brewing Versatility

The Rancilio Silvia V6 is designed for coffee lovers who appreciate variety. The Rancilio home espresso machine is built to make different types of coffees, providing you the flexibility to enjoy a range of brews. The commercial-grade portafilter is similar to those found in professional espresso machines, allowing you to make barista-style aromatic coffee even at home. Whether you’re in the mood for a strong black coffee, a smooth latte, a frothy cappuccino, a classic Americano, or a rich espresso, this machine has got you covered.

Moreover, the Rancilio V6 is the latest version of the semi-automatic coffee machines launched by the company, featuring several upgrades from its previous version. The thermal wrapped lead-free brass boiler used in the coffee machine ensures that water and milk are heated uniformly, and quickly, enhancing the overall quality of your brew.

Performance that Packs a Punch

What truly sets the Rancilio Silvia V6 apart from its competition is its powerful performance. This machine features a 15 Bar Heavy Duty Pump, a unique feature that ensures water is pumped through the coffee grounds at high force. This is an essential component of a coffee maker that aims to extract maximum flavor from the coffee grounds. The result? A cup of coffee that is aromatic and flavorful, rivaling the quality of professional coffee shops right in your home. It’s no wonder the Rancilio machines are seen as the best for making professional coffee at home【10†source】.

User-Friendly for Coffee Lovers

While the term “semi-automatic” might seem intimidating to some, the Rancilio Silvia V6 is anything but. Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, you won’t have to worry about extensive plumbing or specific electrical outlets. Simply plug in the machine and you’re ready to start brewing. The Silvia’s user-friendly interface features four black rocker switches for easy operation: on/off switch, the brew switch, the hot water switch, and the steam switch. You won’t have to fret about starting the machine beforehand or carrying out complex functions to enjoy a hot cup of cappuccino. The Rancilio espresso machine manual is also a very user-friendly guide, making it a breeze for those who are using the machine for the first time.

Low Maintenance, High Satisfaction

The Rancilio Silvia V6 isn’t just easy to use, it’s also straightforward to clean. Made of stainless steel, cleaning the external parts of the machine is as simple as using a damp cloth. This includes the body, the drip tray, and the steam wand. For more stubborn coffee and milk stains, use a damp microfiber rag, followed by a dry rag. This method is also safe for the chrome-plated parts.

The brew group is another part of the machine that’s easy to clean. After brewing a cup of coffee, you might find a coffee puck in your brew basket or fines stuck in the filter. These can be easily removed with a brush. And don’t worry about constantly cleaning the tank or descaling it – doing it once every six months is enough. Low maintenance and easy cleaning, coupled with the amazing coffee it produces, are what make the Rancilio Silvia V6 such a compelling choice for coffee enthusiast.

Pros and Cons

No product is perfect, and the Rancilio Silvia V6 is no exception. Let’s consider its strengths and weaknesses. It boasts a large 67 oz. water tank, adjustable brew pressure, triple control and safety, and a commercial-grade portafilter and filter baskets. The steel frame and stainless steel housing ensure durability, and its ability to make several different types of coffee adds to its appeal. Plus, it’s recognized for having the best steam production in its class. These features make the Rancilio Silvia V6 an impressive machine that’s definitely worth considering.

However, it’s worth noting that the machine does not come with a built-in grinder. This means that you will need to purchase a grinder separately if you want to enjoy the freshest possible coffee. It’s a small inconvenience, but it’s something to be aware of before purchasing the machine.

Take a look at our at home grinders.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the Rancilio Silvia V6 is an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who want to enjoy barista-style coffee at home. It’s a worthwhile investment that promises excellent coffee, low maintenance, and a user-friendly experience. If you’re considering investing in a coffee machine, the Rancilio machines should definitely be on your list. And if you find an older version of the machine available for sale, don’t hesitate to purchase it. These machines are just as good, delivering the same great taste and experience.

So, are you ready to elevate your coffee experience with the Rancilio Silvia V6? You’re just one brew away from the perfect cup of coffee.


What does the future of coffee hold in 2023 and beyond?

What does the future of coffee hold in 2023 and beyond?

The Rise of Specialty Coffee

Speciality coffee has been gaining popularity for quite some time now, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. It’s becoming a major driving force behind the evolution of the coffee industry. What sets speciality coffee apart is its focus on quality and unique flavour profiles, as well as ethical sourcing and sustainable practices.

As more people develop a taste for these carefully crafted brews, coffee shops and roasters are increasingly catering to the demand for high-quality beans and unique brewing methods. This means that we’ll likely see a rise in the number of speciality coffee shops and roasters, as well as a greater emphasis on education and training for baristas. So if you’re a coffee lover, get ready for a whole new world of delicious and diverse flavours!

Sustainable Practices and Environmental Concerns

Climate change and the environment are becoming increasingly important issues for the coffee industry. As a result, we can expect to see a greater focus on sustainable practices, both in farming and production. This might include an emphasis on organic farming methods, fair-trade certifications, and initiatives to reduce water waste and carbon emissions.

Additionally, coffee drinkers are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, which could lead to a shift towards reusable cups, packaging made from recycled materials, and even plant-based alternatives to traditional dairy products. All of these changes will contribute to a more sustainable future for coffee and help protect the environment for generations to come.

Technological Innovations in Coffee Production

Technology is playing a major role in shaping the future of coffee. From advanced farming techniques to cutting-edge brewing methods, we can expect to see significant advancements in the way coffee is grown, processed, and consumed.

One example is precision agriculture, which uses data and technology to optimise crop yields and reduce waste. This approach is particularly relevant to coffee farming, as it can help farmers adapt to changing weather conditions and make the most of their resources. Another innovation to look out for is the growing popularity of coffee machines that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to perfect the brewing process, ensuring a consistently delicious cup every time.

Health Benefits and Coffee Research

It seems like every year, new research comes out highlighting the potential health benefits of coffee. With antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and even links to a reduced risk of certain diseases, it’s no wonder that coffee is becoming a hot topic in the health and wellness community.

As more research is conducted and our understanding of coffee’s health benefits continues to grow, we may see a rise in the number of coffee-based products designed to promote wellness. This could include functional coffee blends with added vitamins and minerals, or even coffee-infused skincare and beauty products. So not only will you be able to enjoy your daily cup of joe, but you might also find new ways to incorporate coffee into your health and wellness routine.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Coffee Consumption

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a major impact on the way we live our lives, and coffee consumption is no exception. With more people working from home and social distancing measures in place, there has been a shift in how and where we enjoy our coffee.

This has led to a boom in home brewing equipment and online coffee subscriptions, as well as a rise in DIY coffee culture. As we continue to navigate the post-pandemic world, these trends will likely stick around, giving coffee lovers even more opportunities to explore and enjoy their favourite brews from the comfort of their own homes.

With all these exciting developments and trends shaping the future of coffee, it’s clear that there’s never been a better time to be a coffee enthusiast.

The Influence of Coffee Culture Around the Globe

Coffee culture is a fascinating topic that varies from country to country, with each region adding its unique spin to the beloved beverage. As globalisation continues to bring people together, we can expect to see even more cultural influences on coffee consumption, preparation, and presentation.

For instance, the popularity of Scandinavian coffee culture, with its emphasis on minimalism and “hygge,” has recently made waves in the coffee scene, inspiring coffee shops worldwide to adopt similar aesthetics and values. Additionally, the rise of third-wave coffee from countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, and Brazil has introduced new flavour profiles and brewing methods to the mainstream.

As we continue to explore and embrace the diverse coffee cultures around the world, we’ll likely see even more interesting and unique trends emerge, offering new ways to enjoy this beloved beverage.

The Role of Coffee in the Gig Economy

The gig economy has been growing rapidly in recent years, and with it comes a new breed of coffee drinkers. Freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads have embraced coffee shops as their go-to workspaces, appreciating the cosy atmosphere, reliable Wi-Fi, and, of course, the endless supply of caffeine.

As a result, we’re likely to see more coffee shops catering specifically to this demographic, offering perks like dedicated workspaces, meeting rooms, and even coworking memberships. In addition, coffee shops may begin to form partnerships with companies that cater to freelancers, such as coworking spaces and productivity apps, to provide even more value for their on-the-go customers.

Ultimately, the future of coffee is an exciting and ever-evolving landscape, with countless trends and innovations just waiting to be discovered. From sustainability initiatives to technological advancements, and from the influence of global coffee cultures to the growing gig economy, there’s no doubt that the world of coffee will continue to surprise and delight us as we move through 2023 and beyond.

So grab a cup of your favourite brew, sit back, and enjoy the ride!

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The art of coffee roasting

The art of coffee roasting

An in-depth look at the process and its impact on taste.

Welcome, fellow coffee aficionados! Today, we’re embarking on an exciting journey into the heart of the coffee world, delving deep into the art of roasting. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the intricate process of transforming humble green beans into aromatic and flavourful treasures, ready to be brewed into your morning cup.

We’ll examine the various stages of roasting, the impact of different roast profiles on the flavour and complexity of the final cup, and the delicate balance of science and artistry that defines this age-old craft. So, grab your favourite mug, get comfy, and join us as we unlock the secrets of coffee roasting.

What is Coffee Roasting?

Coffee roasting is the process of heating green coffee beans to a high temperature and then allowing them to develop their distinct characteristics. Coffee roasting is an integral step in producing the beloved cup of joe we know and love. It involves physical and chemical modifications to the beans that significantly influence flavour and aroma.

Basic steps

To guarantee consistent roasting results, it’s essential to properly prepare your beans and use a reliable roaster. Be sure the beans are uniform in size and colour – the more even these characteristics are, the smoother your roast will be.

Once your beans have roasted, it is essential to take them away from the heat and cool them quickly. There are several ways to do this, such as placing them on a cookie sheet or swishing them between two metal colanders. Doing so will allow the beans to cool quickly while also eliminating any chaff (the outer shell that was shed during roasting).

Another option is to spread your beans out on baking paper to protect the plastic coating from melting in the oven. While this method won’t remove as much chaff, it will allow you to keep your beans longer without exposing them to too much heat. Once your beans have cooled, store them in an airtight container until you’re ready to enjoy them. You can also freeze roasted coffee to extend its shelf life. However, keep in mind that freezing will not stop oxidation and thus may lose some of its flavour and aroma.

Quality, freshly roasted coffee is an irresistible treat for anyone. Not only does it start your day off right, but it will give you energy throughout the day as well. Once you understand the fundamentals of coffee roasting, you can experiment with various bean varieties and blends. With each new experience comes an increased appreciation for what makes each coffee unique in terms of body, acidity and aroma. The development stage is the most critical element in roasting your beans. Here, all chemical changes take place and it’s important to consider how long you want your beans to mature; this will determine their unique flavour profile.


Roasting coffee beans at higher temperatures for extended periods causes a series of chemical reactions inside the bean that give it its distinctive flavour, aroma and texture. These include compounds produced during the Maillard reaction, Strecker degradation, pyrolysis and other processes – each contributing to unique aromas and tastes.

The roasting process is designed to regulate the development of volatile compounds to achieve desired flavour, aroma and texture. In particular, roasting time and temperature must be adjusted for chemical reactions to take place without burning the beans. The caramelisation of sugars in coffee beans occurs at various temperatures and rates.

The Maillard reaction occurs when melanoidin, or caramel-like compounds, are produced. These melanoidins give roast coffee its caramel-like taste and contribute to the browning of the bean. Their quantity and degree may differ depending on what kind of coffee is being roasted. Other chemical transformations that take place during roasting include the formation of coffee phenols, which impart a rich, sweet and acidic flavour to roasted coffee.


Roasting time is an integral factor in coffee roasting that can significantly influence its flavour. Some beans benefit from longer roasts to maintain sweetness, while others require a shorter roast to retain acidity. Lighter roasts are typically roasted between 350°F-400°F (177°C-204°C) for around 10 minutes, while medium roasts require closer to 15 minutes above 400°F.

As the beans roast, they undergo an endothermic reaction – meaning they absorb energy. As the temperature increases, however, they will switch into an exothermic reaction and release this stored energy; this explains why they will crack and pop during the first few minutes after roasting. They will also expand and release a lot of moisture in the form of steam, giving off an unpleasant odour – like wet hay. As the beans continue to warm, their colours will darken and become marled in appearance due to the Maillard reaction which is beginning to alter the flavour of the bean.

Now is an ideal time to stir your beans, as this will help maintain an even temperature throughout the entire batch and guarantee all beans have received equal exposure to heat. At this stage, the bean’s heat is slowly breaking down its sugars and caramelizing them. This process gives coffee its distinctive nuttiness, chocolaty aroma, and thick and rich body.

Once roasting is complete, beans should be placed on a cooling tray to allow them to cool. As beans tend to lose much of their moisture during this process, it’s critical that you quickly cool them below 40°F or else you may damage their flavour and aroma.

Once cooling has completed, you can brew and enjoy your freshly roasted coffee. For optimal flavour development, give the beans a day or so to cool before tasting them for yourself. When you’re ready to enjoy your coffee, try adding a dash of milk and sugar or honey for an added layer of flavour. This will bring out the best in each sip.


The roasting process is an intricate series of steps that can significantly affect the flavour of your cup. Moreover, depending on how much coffee is roasted during each stage, different levels of caffeine may be present in each cup.

Air temperature and humidity are two important variables that can influence the roasting process, helping to create a consistent flavour while also preserving the aroma and body of the coffee. Another factor that can influence the roasting process is the origin of the green coffee bean. Some regions may have a preference for certain roasts or even have specific preparation techniques that affect their overall flavour. In addition to air temperature and humidity, green beans’ moisture content plays a significant role in how they will roast. To combat this, he typically uses less heat during wintertime since dry air causes them to lose moisture quickly and roast too quickly.

A reliable storage system is key for keeping freshly roasted coffee fresh and flavourful, preserving its aroma, colour, and caffeine concentration for optimal taste. When stored properly, coffee can retain these aromatics up to weeks or even months after roasting. Therefore, it’s essential to taste and record every batch of coffee you roast so that you can adjust your method according to the results. This should be an ongoing process; over time, this will help you become an even better roaster by honing your machine and improving your technique.

When storing your roasted coffee, one final factor to consider is the type of container. An opaque, airtight container helps preserve the flavour and aroma of roasted coffee for extended storage. Although roasting coffee requires different temperatures, it’s always beneficial to store your green beans in a dark place that is neither too hot nor cold. Doing this helps preserve the roasted flavour so customers can enjoy their coffee at its peak enjoyment.

In conclusion, our exploration into the art of roasting has revealed the intricate dance of heat, time, and skill required to transform raw coffee beans into the perfect cup of bliss. We’ve delved into the science behind the process, unravelled the complexities of roast profiles, and gained a newfound appreciation for the expertise and finesse of master roasters.

As we savour our next brew, let’s take a moment to ponder the myriad of factors that contribute to its unique taste, and acknowledge the incredible journey each bean has undergone to grace our palates. May this knowledge deepen our connection to our beloved beverage, and inspire us to continue exploring the captivating world of coffee. Cheers to the endless pursuit of the perfect roast, and to the passion and dedication that unites coffee enthusiasts across the globe!

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Try our variety of beans at Hessian Coffee

Breathing New Life into Hessian Coffee Sacks

Breathing New Life into Hessian Coffee Sacks

Hessian Coffee Sacks: Unpacking Their Untapped Potential

As coffee lovers, we are often captivated by the tantalising aromas, the rich flavors, and the invigorating effect of our favorite morning brew. We savor the result of a complex journey that starts in lush coffee plantations around the world and ends in our coffee cups. But what about the unsung heroes of this journey? Enter the humble Hessian coffee sack, a simple yet essential part of the coffee trade, and a treasure trove of untapped potential.

What Are Hessian Coffee Sacks?

Hessian coffee sacks, also known as burlap sacks in the United States and Canada, are traditionally used to transport coffee beans from their origin countries to the roasters. Made from jute or sisal fibers, these bags are known for their strength, breathability, and biodegradability, making them the ideal choice for transporting coffee beans over long distances without compromising their quality.

Each sack is often adorned with unique and vibrant markings and symbols, indicative of their origin, the type of coffee, and the specific farm where the beans were grown. Once the beans are removed and sent for roasting, the sacks are typically discarded, creating an opportunity for creative and eco-friendly reuse.

The Journey Towards Sustainability: Repurposing Hessian Coffee Sacks

As we become more conscious of our environmental impact, it’s clear that sustainability is no longer just an option; it’s a necessity. In the coffee industry, this means not only considering how our beans are grown, but also how they’re transported and what happens to the packaging afterward. Here’s where Hessian coffee sacks step into the limelight.

A Fresh Brew of Ideas: Hessian Sacks in Home Décor

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the saying goes, and this certainly holds true for Hessian coffee sacks. Their rustic charm, durability, and unique designs make them an ideal material for home décor. Used sacks can be transformed into a variety of items such as cushion covers, wall hangings, curtains, table runners, and more. They bring a unique, coffee-inspired touch to your home, and each design tells a story of its own, narrating the journey of the beans it once carried.

From Coffee Plantations to Your Garden

Gardeners can also tap into the potential of Hessian coffee sacks. These biodegradable sacks can serve as planters for vegetables, herbs, or flowers. They’re especially great for potatoes, carrots, and other root vegetables due to their depth. The permeable nature of Hessian allows excellent drainage and aeration, providing an ideal environment for plant growth. Plus, they add a touch of rustic charm to your green space!

Fashion with a Conscience

The fashion industry is another area where Hessian coffee sacks have found a new lease on life. Creative fashion designers and DIY enthusiasts are turning these discarded sacks into stylish, eco-friendly clothing and accessories. Tote bags, hats, shoes, and even dresses have been crafted from these versatile sacks. Each creation is unique, bearing the distinct prints and markings of its original coffee sack. Not only does this promote a circular economy, but it also creates a fashion statement that tells a story.

Brewing Sustainable Businesses

Several businesses have recognized the value of these used Hessian coffee sacks and have incorporated them into their sustainable practices. By sourcing these sacks and turning them into a variety of products, they’re not only reducing waste but also creating jobs and supporting sustainable farming practices. By choosing to buy from these businesses, you’re supporting a more sustainable coffee industry.

Grow Your Own Green Thumb

With their strong and permeable material, Hessian sacks can be turned into planters or grow sacks for your garden. The material withstands weather conditions while allowing your plants to drain properly. Whether it’s potatoes, herbs, or flowers, these grow sacks add a unique aesthetic touch to your garden while being functional.

Pet Haven: Hessian Coffee Sack Pet Beds

Looking for a cozy and unique bed for your pet? A Hessian coffee sack might be the answer. Simply clean a sack, stuff it with a pillow, and voila, you have a pet bed that’s not only comfortable but also stylish. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can add a zipper to the open side of the sack for a more polished look.

Tote-ally Awesome: Custom Tote Bags

Fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand, and this is especially true with Hessian coffee sacks. These sacks can be used as the base for any fabric project, but one simple and popular idea is a tote bag. All you need to do is add handles to a cleaned and pressed sack, and you have a unique and environmentally friendly tote bag. If you have access to a sewing machine and some skills, you can even create a beautiful beach bag.

A Touch of Coffee Décor

Why not bring the journey of your coffee beans into your home through décor? The designs and details marked on coffee sacks can be quite captivating, especially when cleaned up. You can use them as wall hangings, table runners, or even frame them to create a unique piece of art that tells a story.

Unpacking the Future

Hessian coffee sacks are more than just a container for coffee beans; they’re a symbol of the coffee industry’s potential for sustainability and innovation. They remind us that every part of the coffee journey, even the packaging, holds value. So the next time you sip your morning coffee, remember the journey it has taken to reach you and the humble Hessian sack that played a crucial role in that journey. And perhaps, think of how you might give these sacks a new purpose and a new story. Here’s to exploring the untapped potential of Hessian coffee sacks. Brew strong, and repurpose stronger!

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Hessian Coffees Blends with Rich Aromas and Unique Flavours.

Hessian Coffees Blends with Rich Aromas and Unique Flavours.

Welcome to the world of Hessian Coffee’s blends, where we take pride in our passion for crafting exquisite coffee blends that cater to every taste and preference. We source the finest beans from across the globe and expertly blend them, creating unique flavour profiles that are sure to delight your senses. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through our range of carefully curated blends, so you can choose the perfect coffee experience to match your taste.

Espresso No 1:

Our Espresso No 1 blend showcases the harmonious fusion of coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Latin America, and Africa. With a 33% equal share from each region, this blend is designed to deliver a balanced espresso experience. Expect an aromatic symphony of fruity notes, earthy undertones, and a hint of sweetness, perfectly suited for a morning espresso or a midday pick-me-up.

Bourbon Select:

Bourbon Select pays homage to the exceptional Red Bourbon variety of beans from El Salvador. This single-origin, 100% Arabica blend exhibits the unique characteristics of this premium bean, offering a sweet, floral aroma with subtle notes of cocoa and caramel. The Bourbon Select is an indulgent choice for the discerning coffee lover who appreciates the elegance and complexity of a single-origin brew.

Espresso Reserve:

The Espresso Reserve blend boasts an eclectic mix of beans, featuring 40% Brazilian Mogiana, 10% Mocha Sidamo, 20% Arabica, 20% Colombian, and 10% Papua New Guinea beans. This sophisticated blend brings together the best of these diverse regions, resulting in a well-rounded, full-bodied espresso with rich, chocolatey notes and a smooth finish. Perfect for those who appreciate depth and complexity in their coffee.

Organic Espresso:

For the eco-conscious coffee aficionado, our Triple Certified Organic Espresso is a perfect choice. Comprising 100% Forest Organic, Rainforest Alliance Fairtrade beans from Peru offering a delightful, guilt-free coffee experience. These ethically sourced beans produces a smooth, medium-bodied espresso with bright acidity and hints of citrus and nuts.

Barista Blend:

Our Barista Blend has been meticulously crafted to satisfy the most demanding barista’s palate. This blend consists of 40% Brazilian beans, 40% washed Robusta, 10% Mocha from Yemen, and 10% natural Robusta from Vietnam. The result is a full-bodied, robust coffee with bold flavours, featuring notes of dark chocolate, nuts, and a hint of fruity acidity. Ideal for making exceptional espresso-based drinks.

Decaffeinated Beans:

At Hessian Coffee, we understand the importance of catering to those who prefer their coffee without the caffeine kick. Our Decaffeinated Beans blend consists of 100% decaffeinated Arabica beans, ensuring a rich, smooth flavour without compromising on taste. Enjoy a satisfying cup without the jitters or sleepless nights.

Colombian Cafetiere Sachet:

Our Colombian Cafetiere Sachet features 100% Colombian Arabica beans, providing a convenient and delectable coffee experience. These sachets are pre-portioned to deliver a perfect brew every time. Savour the smooth, medium-bodied coffee with its bright acidity, fruity notes, and hints of chocolate and caramel. Ideal for those who appreciate the convenience of pre-measured coffee without sacrificing quality.

Decaffeinated Cafetiere Sachet:

For those who prefer their coffee decaffeinated, our Decaffeinated Cafetiere Sachet offers the same convenience as our Colombian Cafetiere Sachet, but with 100% decaffeinated Arabica beans. Enjoy a deliciously smooth coffee experience, free of caffeine but full of flavour, with notes of chocolate and a subtle sweetness.

Colombian Coffee Bags:

Hessian Coffee’s Colombian Coffee Bags contain 100% Colombian Arabica beans, expertly ground and sealed in convenient bags. These coffee bags offer a fuss-free brewing method that allows you to enjoy the rich taste and delightful aroma of Colombian coffee anytime, anywhere. Indulge in a medium-bodied coffee with fruity notes and hints of chocolate and caramel, perfect for a midday pick-me-up.

Decaffeinated Coffee Bags:

Our Decaffeinated Coffee Bags bring you the joy of a caffeine-free coffee experience in an easy-to-use, mess-free format. Filled with 100% decaffeinated Arabica beans, these coffee bags deliver a smooth, well-rounded flavour profile, featuring notes of chocolate and a touch of sweetness. Ideal for those seeking the pleasure of a great cup of coffee without the caffeine kick.

Lot 33:

Lot 33 is a special blend composed of 100% Colombian Arabica beans, providing a truly authentic taste of this renowned coffee-producing country. This blend offers a medium-bodied coffee experience, characterised by its bright acidity, fruity undertones, and delicate hints of chocolate and caramel. Lot 33 is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the nuances and complexities of single-origin coffee.

Colombian Nespresso Compatible:

Our Colombian Nespresso Compatible capsules feature 100% Forest Organic Colombian Arabica beans, offering a sustainable and flavourful coffee experience. These eco-friendly capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines, making it easy to enjoy a rich, medium-bodied coffee with bright acidity and notes of fruit, chocolate, and caramel in the comfort of your own home.

Ristretto Nespresso Compatible:

The Ristretto Nespresso Compatible blend combines 50% Colombian, 20% Brazilian Mogiana, 20% Latin American, and 10% washed Robusta beans, creating a bold and intense coffee experience. These capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and deliver a powerful, full-bodied ristretto with complex flavours, featuring dark chocolate, nuts, and a hint of fruity acidity.

Decaffeinated Nespresso Compatible:

Our Decaffeinated Nespresso Compatible capsules contain 100% Swiss Water Decaffeinated beans, ensuring a delicious coffee experience without the caffeine. These capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and provide a smooth, well-balanced coffee with subtle notes of chocolate and a touch of sweetness. Perfect for those who love coffee but need to avoid caffeine.

Hessian Coffee’s extensive range of expertly crafted blends ensures that there is a perfect cup for every coffee lover. From the convenient Colombian Coffee Bags to the intense Ristretto Nespresso Compatible capsules, our blends showcase the best coffee beans from around the world. Explore our collection.