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Coffee lovers

Times are a changing, both home working and consumer shopping habits. Here at Hessian HQ, (your local coffee and tea company) our team have created a range of products to support the new “norm” Our runner beans are ready to take your orders and deliver them by hand.

coffee at home

Great coffee comes in many formats, listed below you will be able to get your hands on anything from beans and filter to our amazing coffee bags and Nespresso Compatible Pods. 

Fresh Coffee Beans

Probably the freshest coffee you will drink at home will be beans ground on demand. Play around with the grind to change the taste just the way you like it.


Pre-Ground Coffee

Filter coffee can be brewed using a variety of different gadgets. Whichever method is your preference we have some amazing coffees waiting for you.


Nespresso Compatible

Lovers of the espresso shot from a Nespresso machine will go crazy when you taste our single origin compatible pods at only a fraction of the cost.


Coffee Bags like Tea

Making a cup of coffee really couldn’t get any simpler. Put bag in cup, pour in hot water, leave for 3 minutes, sound familiar? If you can make tea your sorted.


Brewing gadgets for home

We want you to enjoy great coffee quickly and conveniently, take a look at three of our favourite brewing methods.



Quick, portable and brews directly into your favourite cup. Air pressure extracts the coffee flavours for you to start enjoying in under 90 seconds. This little gadget is a cross between an espresso machine and a cafetiere.



Clever by name, clever by nature. A great little way to enjoy filtered coffee. Brew into cone, lift up after a few minutes and place onto your favourite mug. The coffee is released and ready to enjoy. No mess.



Also Known as a Fresh Press, these have been around since the 1850s and perfect for sharing.
Just a 4-minute brew time and

plunge downwards ready to be enjoyed.

Tea at home

Still the most popular hot drink in the UK we are delighted to be supplying a wide range of amazing Teas at Home from Birchall.

Having scooped 69 prestigious accolades at
the Great Taste Awards – the ‘Oscars’ for the speciality food & drink industry.