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We are a family run business, ethically honest values with customer service and the centre of everything we do.

Freshly roasted

Our Coffee beans, either single origin arabica or mixed blend, are roasted specifically for the Hessian Coffee brand using the finest grade green coffee and it’s our policy to trade in an ethical, environmental and socially responsible manner.

premium teas

We believe that a great cup of tea is not simply just about ingredients, our role is to help you excite your customers through great tasting tea. We can help design your tea service, assist with menu planning and tea selection, even blend bespoke signature teas, train all your staff with a range of dedicated training programmes.

do you create the best drinks?

Coffee Bean

Best Beans

Coffee Bean

Quality Milk foaming

Coffee Bean

barista training

The coffee journey is a long one with the little beans taking up to 5 years to grow and 6 months to reach our roastery, the last 30 seconds are crucial
to the enjoyment of the drink.

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Coffee Strength on packaging

Why do we have number ranging in the supermarkets from 1 to 5, dots increasing in a neat line or different shades of colour to identify what strength a bag of coffee is? Surely strength is made up from the how much coffee is dissolved in the liquid.  Take for example...

Fathers Day

As a father of 3 wonderful boys, what more could I possibly want for Father’s Day ​this year. Ideally the morning will start with cards and cuddles, being bought breakfast in bed, allowed to dose of again for a few hours, up for a freshly made lunch, more cuddles and...

Pub Quiz

So much information about tea out on the web and whilst brushing up on a bit of knowledge I became distracted on some of the fun, pub quiz, pop master type information. You never know when you will need to shout out loud that you know the year Iced Tea was invited or...

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