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Coffee Equipment

If you are looking for  coffee equipment, a cappuccino machine, espresso machine or a coffee machine, then you have come to the right company.

At Hessian Coffee we supply machines that we know are from reputable and established manufacturers. We recommend brands that are recognised as leaders in the coffee industry. Brands we know that understand and support our beliefs and principles on how a machine should perform.

Lease Options

Flexible lease options are available on all machines. This option let you choose what is right for your business. We also offer Free training, this is provided so you understand how the machine works.  Plus we will train you on how to best produce and serve amazing coffees.

Coffee ancillaries are also supplied though Hessian. These include your coffee and tea products.  Plus it also includes a full range of ingredients and accessories for all your business needs. We back up all our machine sales with an on-going maintenance service. This is to ensure the machine is kept in top notch condition, resulting in less breaks downs and better tasting coffee.

To find out more or to arrange a FREE appraisal of your current situation then please call us on 01799 543809 or email us at [email protected]