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Eyes Wide Open – Bean to Cup Machine

The bean to cup coffee machine is not what I would normally be impressed by as I am very much a traditionalist on espresso machines.  Mainly because of the many years spent  in the coffee industry, and knowing what a barista has to achieve manually to produce perfect...

Coffee Award Time

What an amazing couple of weeks here and Hessian HQ! Firstly a nomination into the Hertfordshire Life Food and Drink Awards for Best Local Supplier and then a finalist!  To top it off our coffee was recognised and awarded a Great Taste Award with the National Guild of...

Thats a new drink

I heard someone during the week ask for a “large skimmed, extra wet, extra hot latte”.  What the hell is that I asked the barista once the lady had been served and she told me “I gave her a hot latte” I did chuckle but it got me thinking about what it was that the...

It’s good to talk

The Oxford English dictionary definition of the word communication is “the imparting and exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other form of the medium” It doesn't need to be hard so why is it so hard for certain people to do this ? For...

Excited about a box!

NOT JUST A BOX! Our new espresso boxes, which we are very excited about, are not just the usual plain old boring boxes used for getting product from A to B, they have been thought about, designed, re-thought about, produced, re-designed and re-produced until we are...

Cappuccino or Latte?

The only difference is a sprinkle of sugary chocolate dust? So, its Friday, yipee, before reaching for a bottle of the chilled stuff, which you lovingly put in the fridge this morning, while simultaneously pouring out cereal, making packed lunches, and locating the...

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