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Bravilor Esprecious 22 coffee machine

Bravilor Bonamat supplies four espresso machines. Depending on your wishes you can select either type 11, 12, 21 or 22.

For more information and wholesale prices please contact us on 01799 543809

The Esprecious 22 has two grinders, a divided bean canister and two canisters for instant ingredients. The divided bean canister makes it possible to offer a perfect espresso with Arabica beans and a perfect cup of coffee with Robusta beans. You can set each grinder as you’d like, coarsely or finely ground. The two canisters for instant ingredients can be filled with topping and cacao for coffee flavours such as cappuccino, latte, moccachino and hot chocolate*.

In addition to a perfect cup of coffee, the Esprecious offers more: the interactive touchscreen is not only an eye-catcher, but features many customisable options. Including full colour graphical branding opportunities to give you the possibility to create a truly unique machine – in fact a marketing tool of its own. The LED lighting around the display can be set to any RGB colour, ensuring that the Esprecious suits any interior.


  • High-quality and durable components
  • Interactive and user-friendly touchscreen
  • ECO energy-saving mode
  • Adjustable outlet for various cup sizes
  • Many coffee varieties
  • Separate hot water tap
  • Two grinders for an optimal taste experience
  • Full indicators for the waste bin and drip-tray
  • Day and total counters exportable to Excel
  • Compatible with coin exchangers or other external devices


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