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Conti X-One coffee machine

The X-One comes in two models 2 and 3 groups and two versions (E) espresso and (TC) tall cup. The turns out to be a wise choice for a demanding professional.


The Conti X-One Espresso Machine is an efficient machine that allows you to make high quality beverages in big quantities.  This machine is low cost but technically advanced in its control system. A very modern and sleek machine that will make any business stand out from the crowd!

Conti X-One Benefits

  • High Volume yet high quality options.
  • Pre-infusion that irons out user errors, so this produces consistent quality.
  • PID adjustment system enables you to find the ‘sweet spot’ for your coffee.
  • Stable Temperature allows consistent taste results.
  • LED ‘Barista Lights’ let the barista work cleaner and be more efficient.
  • Eco-Mode – enables the machine to heat up faster for service.
  • Lever Activated Steam Arms for ease of use.
  • Sprung-loaded ‘Purge’ function ensures steam arm stays free from milk build up.
  • The Auto GRP Cleaning function makes cleaning simple!
  • Cleaning ‘shut down’.  Protecting the machine from damage if left unclean.

X-One Features

  • Stable group temperatures to within +/- 1.5°C tolerance.
  • PID system temperature adjustment.
  • Advanced Diagnostic system with ‘eye-level’ display. To assist in fault diagnosis, service and filter change intervals. Including coffee counters, shot timers and boiler temperature.
  • LED ‘Barista Lights’ let you see the perfect extraction and helps the barista to work cleaner and be more efficient.
  • Advanced Thermalsiphon system and GRP heads. This ensures maximum temperature stability and consistency.
  • Group isolation system, allowing individual groups to be worked on whilst the machine is working. So this will limit any ‘downtime’ and loss of productivity.
  • Optional Steam Control – steam arm adds texture to milk. Also it can be set to a desired temperature (switches off once temp reached) – avoids milk being scalded.
  • Variable Pre-Infusion – another valuable function as it allows you to vary the pre-infusion time.  So this will ensure optimum espresso extraction.
  • Auto GRP Cleaning function makes cleaning simple.
  • Cleaning ‘shut down’. The machine simply will not work if not cleaned.
  • Eco Mode-drops the boiler temperature to 60 deg c. Perfect for quiet periods or overnight and enables the machine to heat up faster for service.


  • Espresso or Tall Cup machine available
  • Multiple configurations from 1GRP through to 3GRP
  • Available in Flame Red, Gloss Black and also Ice White, all with neon blue LED’s
  • Custom Colours and finishes available (extra cost and lead time)
  • 3500W (20amp) element in the 2rp (option to upgrade to 6000w) and 6000w(30amp) in 3 group

➊ Extraction temperature settings set according to coffee industry standards. The thermosyphon system associated with the adjustable flow control, on each group, ensures high temperature stability for coffee, whatever the production volumes. An electronically controlled boiler with a PID system.

➋ Control panel. The illuminated press buttons are sized because this allows easy and intuitive selections.

➌ Steam taps with dual function. So you lift the lever and a steam jet installs quickly to full speed in the locked position. To close simply lowering the lever. To activate the “flush” function, a simple press on the lever is enough. It is that simple and effective!

➍ Also a mixed hot water function. So simply press the control key and a pre-programmed quantity of water is quickly delivered at the right temperature and without splashes.

➎ Lighting of the operating area with light beams.  In addition these are placed near the coffee groups illuminating the operating area and bring a real ease of use.

➏ Stainless steel wire drip tray and spacious basin. Stainless steel wire drip tray, as this will not to stain the bottom of the cups. It has a wide and spacious basin that is removable.

➐ Adjustable flow control. The adjustable flow control device (1 per group) allows you to set the temperature level of the first coffees.

➑ The display is directly in sight.  The display provides all information allowing the general control of the machine.  Information on settings, management and maintenance is easily visible.

➒ Finally, the Conti’s signature is subtly underlined by a ray of light.


Features 2 Groups 3 Groups
Power 3 Phases 3 Phases
Voltage 400 V 400 V
Heating power 4200 W 6000 W
Maximum intensity per phase 8A 10A
Boiler capacity 13 L 20 L
Size in mm (W x D x H) 768 x 553 x 527 983 x 553 x 527
Net weight 58 kg 65 kg
Gross weight with packaging 69 kg 82 kg
Pump flow 100 L/H 200 L/H
Boiler temp controlled by sensor + PID Yes Yes
Mixed hot water 2 x doses 2 x doses
TCi System Yes Yes
Spout height in mm – Espresso 83 mm 83 mm
Spout height in mm – Tall Cup 160 mm 160 mm
Wire stand for the X-one TC 2 3
Programmable pre-infusion Yes Yes
“ECO” mode Yes Yes
Automatic cleaning of the coffee groups Yes Yes
Heating element security Yes Yes
Double manometers Yes Yes
Flowmeters stopping taps 2 3
Porter filter 1 spout 1 1
Porter filter 2 spouts 2 3
CE certified Yes Yes

Daily Cleaning Conti X-One
By clicking on the link to Daily Cleaning this will take you to Youtube where Conti UK demonstrate how to use the semi-automatic cleaning cycle to carry out your daily cleaning on the Conti X-One Espresso Machine. In addition you will learn the best routine for cleaning the portafilter handles.

Adjust Boiler Temperature Conti X-One
In this video you will learn how to access and adjust your boiler temperature for the Conti X-One Espresso Machine.

Setting a dose on the Conti X-One
Learn how to set the 'volumetric' dosing on your Conti X-One Espresso Machine. This enables you to programme your coffee shots and hot water button.

Place Conti X-One in Eco Mode
In this video learn how to use Eco mode on your Conti X-One Espresso machine.


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Wholesale Enquires

please call us on: 01279 261850

or email:

Free Delivery

on all orders over £40

We aim to dispatch all orders placed before 12:00 the same day for next day delivery Monday to Friday. We can even arrange Saturday deliveries if needed.