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Group Head Cleaning Brush

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A brush for cleaning your group head and keeping your coffee tasting its best.

The group head cleaning brush is designed to clean espresso machine group heads quickly and easily. These brushes are useful for cleaning those hard to reach areas around your espresso machine.

Keeping your espresso machine clean is important if you want to produce great tasting, high quality coffee. Using a brush also reduces the chance of breakdowns.  Any breakdown leads to maintenance repair costs, so to avoid these we recommend you clean your machine regularly.

It is natural that coffee will build up around the group head.  If left for too long it will tarnish the taste of the drinks you make.  It also will lead to wear on the seals at a greater rate than normal.

Benefits of a Group Head Cleaning Brush Include:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduce coffee residue buildup


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