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Koko Deluxe Premium Drinking Chocolate


Koko Deluxe Premium Drinking Chocolate


Koko deluxe drinking chocolate is the original drinking chocolate by the Koko company.  Established in 2005, this company is known as one of the best chocolates on the market.

Koko deluxe drinking chocolate Espresso Machine Instructions

To serve two:

1. Pour 300ml of cold milk into your jug and add two rounded tablespoons of Koko Deluxe.

2. Steam together to 68°C. This method evenly blends the silky cocoa butter and milk together, to thicken it perfectly.

3. Garnish with freshly grated chocolate.

At Hessian Coffee Company we are a Hertfordshire based company that prides ourselves on supply the best products to our customers.  This is why we choose to stock Koko deluxe drinking chocolate.  Why not try for yourselves


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