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Fathers Day

Fathers Day

As a father of 3 wonderful boys, what more could I possibly want for Fathers Day ​this year. Ideally the morning starts with cards and cuddles.  Breakfast in bed, being able to dose off again for a few hours. Up for a freshly made lunch, more cuddles and presents or a new car, new clothes, new rugby boots, a couple of bottle of gin and bottle of whiskey.  Lots of appreciation, a few more cuddles, off to the pub for a couple of pints then out for dinner. Preferably at my favourite place to enjoy the food and a couple of glasses of wine. Yeah right!  

In realty it will be out of bed at silly o’clock as number 2 child cannot seem to sleep past 6am.  Preparing breakfast, tidying up, dad’s cab to football / drama then collection from football / drama.  Lunch, afternoon spent doing the household chores that not had time to do during the week. Dinner, tidy up, bath the boys, school bags packed and ready to do it all over again the following day.

What I really want is something I can call my own.  Something that will last and give me enjoyment whilst the hectic-ness of life goes on around me. So if the good lady is reading this, these are my top 5 gifts for Father’s Day, nudge nudge!

Wish List

​Number 5 – the Hario Hand Grinder. Small, portable, ideal for that instant grind and consistent. Essential kit when it comes to filter brewing on the move. Dead easy to use, store and maintain.

Number 4 – the Aeropress. What a cracking invention! Ideal for getting the caffeine fix anytime and a terrific way to try different coffee’s. Easy, no fuss, allows you to understand brewing and the variables i.e. time, pressure, grind size etc.

Number 3 – A Clever dripper. What’s so cleaver about this you say?  Easy to use, no mess, cleverly has a release valve in the base that allows the brewed coffee to pour into your cup once ready.  Simple, portable, makes a really clean cup of coffee. Did I mention no mess? It really is clever.

Number 2 – has to be a Chemex. Look stunning, all hand-blown glass, ideal for dinner parties. Durable, makes brewing coffee fun and sociable, allows you to brew to your taste.

Number 1 – a dads gift has got to be a syphon. How cool are these. Takes me back to chemistry lessons or watching breaking bad. A memorising and fun way to make a cup of coffee. Cold fresh water in the bottom, heat via the burner so the water rises and creates a vacuum.  Ground coffee in the top chamber, allow brew time, remove the burner and watch as it magically returns to the lower chamber as brewed coffee. I was never any good at chemistry at school so in my mind this really is magic.

And practical

The common thing I have noted whilst dreaming of Father’s Day.  All these brewing gadgets are small enough to store away, to travel with, to clean, make cracking coffee & inexpensive.

The kids don’t need to spend much so they win.  They don’t take up much room, don’t need electricity, don’t make a mess or a noise.  So the wife wins and if I still get a hug from the boys in the morning. I’m a winner whatever happens this Father’s Day.

Why have I never really used my Clever Dripper?

Why have I never really used my Clever Dripper?

In a sudden urge to tidy the office recently I discover a box of appropriately fitting filter papers so in a mad dash I nearly knock the kids over & delve into the kitchen cupboard, you know the one with the plastic containers but no fitting lids & those ramekins that you will never use, I bypass the Syphon, the Aeropress and something that I’m not quite sure what is does, and there I find the clever dripper looking sad and unloved.

My eyes brighten as the wife rolls hers, but the kettle goes on. This little thing is awesome I shout as the beans come out and I grind some fresh.  Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I look at the box, something I rarely do and am probably the same as most of the male population when it comes to instructions, but I discover on the box it says that even I’m qualified to use this brewing contraption!  I quote “There is no skill required” & “Everyone with no experience at all can make the perfectly clear coffee with no grinds in your cup”. To me this gives me confidence that a muppet like me can do it!!

The kettle’s boiled, a single filter paper from the box of 100 goes into the cone , I wet the paper so it sticks to the side and bung my ground coffee in, top up with water and stand back for a few minutes wondering why had I never used my Clever Dripper. What makes it clever says the wife –  this is what make it clever and almost magical I reply,  – there is no mess , no plungers , no components to put together, no liquid spilt, no coffee grinds escaping. I’m beginning to win her over I feel.

Now for the magic as I lift the Clever Dripper up from the counter expecting to have a downpour of hot coffee but nothing , no drip , no gush, no mess . Get this people, it has a valve in the bottom that stops the liquid escaping and when placed onto the cup push’s up and out comes the coffee straight into the cup.

A wonderful, bright, clear fresh coffee, umm !!

This should be called the really really clever dripper , simple, inexpensive, clean, safe, clever, anyone can use it , makes a great cuppa, clever, practice, small, no mess, easy to clean, clever, portable and clever.

By far one of the cheapest and easiest way to get a decent cup of filter coffee. My morning routine now includes a clever coffee and now I contemplate the years wasted without one.