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Cappuccino or Latte?

The only difference is a sprinkle of sugary chocolate dust? So, its Friday, yippee!   You decide to head in to town to pick up the random items not possible to get in the weekly shopping. While in town you decide to treat yourself to a large shot of hot caffeine, but...

How our coffee is roasted

How is your coffee roasted?  This is often a question asked either by customers, prospective customers, or competitors.  I would like to say it is lovingly roasted by 2 guys in a shed with tattoos, handlebar moustaches, skinny jeans, no socks with impeccable sensory...

Coffee Strength on packaging

Why do we have number ranging in the supermarkets from 1 to 5, dots increasing in a neat line or different shades of colour to identify what strength a bag of coffee is? Surely strength is made up from the how much coffee is dissolved in the liquid.  Take for example...

Fathers Day

As a father of 3 wonderful boys, what more could I possibly want for Father’s Day ​this year. Ideally the morning will start with cards and cuddles, being bought breakfast in bed, allowed to dose of again for a few hours, up for a freshly made lunch, more cuddles and...

Hessian’s new retail coffee tins

There is something about having a nice tin, either to be given a tin or select a tin when out buying a product. Tins feel right, ooze quality and seep of something gourmet. Even an empty tin has the potential to either tell a story of its past journey or awake the...

Taking the biscuit!

Felt compelled to put pen to paper after much research this week into what is the best biscuit to dunk with. This came about when mentioned it one evening at home and the wife informed me “I am not qualified to write about such a thing” That’s a challenge I thought,...

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