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Want better tasting coffee

Basic Grinder adjustment.

Adjusting your grinder maybe the key:

It may sound daunting but once you get to grips with how coffee beans behave it’s fairly straight forward.

How does your espresso taste?

Sour: This is often when the coffee is under extracted (extracted too fast) and it will be watery and weak.

Bitter and burnt: You are over extracting the coffee (extracting too slow).

Getting the right taste:

As a general guide a single shot of espresso should be approx 30ml in volume and should take around 30 seconds.

  • If your coffee extracts too quickly the grind is too course and needs to be finer.
  • If your coffee extracts to slow the grind is too fine and and needs to be courser.

Adjusting the grinder:

Practice will make perfect, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Most grinders you can turn clockwise to make the grind finer, although there should be a “+” and “-” signs for you to follow.

Remember just one click at a time before testing.


  • Purchasing quality beans will ensure they are consistently roasted and give you less reason to adjust your grinder.
  • Grinder burrs will wear down overtime so ensure they are checked and changed when necessary.
  • Try to keep the same amount of beans in your hopper at all times (consistency of weight) rather than letting the hopper run dry.
  • Regular staff training will remove any fears your baristas have for learning more about getting the best from those little beans.

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