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In a sudden urge to tidy the office recently I discover a box of appropriately fitting filter papers so in a mad dash I nearly knock the kids over & delve into the kitchen cupboard, you know the one with the plastic containers but no fitting lids & those ramekins that you will never use, I bypass the Syphon, the Aeropress and something that I’m not quite sure what is does, and there I find the clever dripper looking sad and unloved.

My eyes brighten as the wife rolls hers, but the kettle goes on. This little thing is awesome I shout as the beans come out and I grind some fresh.  Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I look at the box, something I rarely do and am probably the same as most of the male population when it comes to instructions, but I discover on the box it says that even I’m qualified to use this brewing contraption!  I quote “There is no skill required” & “Everyone with no experience at all can make the perfectly clear coffee with no grinds in your cup”. To me this gives me confidence that a muppet like me can do it!!

The kettle’s boiled, a single filter paper from the box of 100 goes into the cone , I wet the paper so it sticks to the side and bung my ground coffee in, top up with water and stand back for a few minutes wondering why had I never used my Clever Dripper. What makes it clever says the wife –  this is what make it clever and almost magical I reply,  – there is no mess , no plungers , no components to put together, no liquid spilt, no coffee grinds escaping. I’m beginning to win her over I feel.

Now for the magic as I lift the Clever Dripper up from the counter expecting to have a downpour of hot coffee but nothing , no drip , no gush, no mess . Get this people, it has a valve in the bottom that stops the liquid escaping and when placed onto the cup push’s up and out comes the coffee straight into the cup.

A wonderful, bright, clear fresh coffee, umm !!

This should be called the really really clever dripper , simple, inexpensive, clean, safe, clever, anyone can use it , makes a great cuppa, clever, practice, small, no mess, easy to clean, clever, portable and clever.

By far one of the cheapest and easiest way to get a decent cup of filter coffee. My morning routine now includes a clever coffee and now I contemplate the years wasted without one.