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Promotional Coupon Codes Terms and Conditions

Promotional Coupon Codes

From time to time we issue discounts in the form of a promotional coupon code. In most cases, the promotional coupon code cannot be applied to discounted or sale items or to be used in conjunction with any other coupon code.

If you have obtained more than one coupon, then only the last coupon you have entered will be applied to the shopping cart.

20% Discount on Your First Order

We offer our new customers a 20% discount off your entire shopping cart on your first order when subscribing to Hessian’s email newsletter using coupon code WELCOME20.

When you are browsing Hessian Coffee website for the first time, you will find a pop-up box asking you if you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, if you agree our terms and conditions and after entering your email address, a new pop-up window contains this discount code will appear. Please take this down if you are not going to complete your transaction immediately. (If you did not use this code on your first order, you can use it against your next purchase). This coupon discount is limited to one coupon per user, and it can not be used in conjunction with another discount coupon code, but can be used with on sale items.

General Hessian Coffee Coupons Terms and Conditions

Promotional coupon codes are codes that enable customers to obtain benefits such as discounts and free gifts. Promotional coupon codes may only be used in accordance with their terms and conditions of use. Returned goods will not count towards the value of the order. If you use a promotional coupon code to obtain a promotional benefit, you must first check that it was issued to you and that you are eligible to use it. By using it to claim a promotional benefit, you will be confirming that you meet all the conditions that apply to its use, and you agree to the terms set out per coupon issued.

In addition:

  • The coupon is non-transferable, and subject to stock availability.
  • The coupon codes are subject to availability including the number of coupons issued and stock availability.
  • Only one coupon can be redeemed per transaction, if more than one coupon entered at the checkout, only the last coupon entered will be applied to the shopping cart.
  • Coupon code will only apply to the qualified product in the shopping cart.
  • Coupon codes have been issued to individual user/group of users which are not listed above, please follow the terms and conditions and usage restrictions at the time of issuing.

If you have any further queries on our coupon codes, please contact our customer service team at

Last updated – 15th of March, 2021